Mission City Outlaws Partnerships

Sponsorships between a company and sports team is a partnership where both the company and team benefit.  It is a win-win scenario, and everyone involved in the partnership is happy.  The Outlaws appreciate the generous contributions of our sponsors, who believe in our partnership and in the rewards of supporting our local players.  Our sponsors recognize the unique opportunity to be part of a positive hockey program that continually strives to bring a PJHL Championship and Cyclone Taylor Cup to our great city.  The Outlaws and our community partners continue to show unwavering dedication in promoting the sport in Mission and B.C. by showcasing local talent and supporting the community that we all love! 

Building a community coalition is essential for the success of the team!

Like most sports, junior hockey requires a great deal of funding and sponsorship to continue this great tradition of training and developing players.  Support from our community partners is absolutely critical in continuing our development on and off the iceWithout support from the community, there would be no Mission City Outlaws. We pride ourselves in fulfilling our commitments to ensure our sponsors receive maximum Return on Investment.

Becoming an Outlaws Community Partner means helping pay for team and player expenses such as:

  • Extra Ice Time for Player Practice 
  • Hiring Professional Skill Development Coaches
  • Subsidizing Player Fees
  • Player and Team Apparel 
  • Hiring a Team Strength Coach – 2 to 3 team specialized workouts per week for the players 
  • Game Day Production Costs and So Much More!

Here are just a few of the benefits to partnering with the Outlaws:

  • Drive consumer traffic to your business
  • Increase sales
  • Strengthen consumer and employee loyalty
  • Project a positive community image
  • Enhance brand value

For more information about our Community Sponsorship Partnership Program and the opportunities that are available to you, please reach out to the team at [email protected]

Our Sponsors